Everything About America’s Got Talent Season 15 Contestant Chicken Scratch Sam Relationships, Career, Bio, Performance and Unknown Facts Revealed!


Sam Brilhart who goes by the name Chicken Scratch Sam is a comedian. He auditioned for America’s Got Talent Season 15. Sam’s name is unique just like the shows format. The show comprises of an enthusiastic panel of judges including big names such as Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel. Here’s everything we know about Chicken Scratch Sam.

Chicken Scratch Sam’s Age

Not much is known when Sam Brilhart was born

Chicken Scratch Sam’s Height and Weight

We do not have much of an idea regarding Chicken Scratch Sam’s height or weight

Chicken Scratch Sam’s Hometown

Sam Brilhart originally hails from Linden, Michigan. Sam moved to Los Angeles to better his prospective and even lived in Chicago for a while.

 Chicken Scratch Sam’s Instagram

Chicken Scratch Sam’s Instagram ID is @ sambrilhart. As of today he has 3,892 followers.

Chicken Scratch Sam’s Relationship Status

We are not aware whether Chicken Scratch Sam is single or married. But from the looks of his Instagram he seems to be single and devoted to his career.

Chicken Scratch Sam’s Career

Chicken Scratch Sam is a comedian who also works as a bartender. Sam has been behind the bar for the last ten years. He initially used to tend bars in Chicago and continued to do the same when he moved to Los Angeles.

Chicken Scratch Sam’s Unknown Facts

Chicken Scratch Sam is a comedian who dresses up as a chicken for a comic element in his shows. Sam although originally from Michigan has lived in Chicago for a while. He is a bartender as well. Sam has been a bartender for over ten years. At first he used to work in Chicago but post the move to Los Angeles he began working at a bar called Street. Sam didn’t give up her job as a bartender as it allows him to have his space as a creative individual. He gets time to pursue other crafts during the day as his work is mostly at night. He has several jokes and anecdotes that come along with his job. These stories help the audience relate to the comedian and make him a sensation.

Chicken Scratch Sam’s Audition from AGT 15

Chicken Scratch Sam is serious about his career as a comedian. His approach to comedy is novel. He uses comedy in a caricaturish fashion. This could work in his favor or against. Sam seems comfortable with himself and will be able to put others at ease too. He has the ability to grasp the audience’s attention is such a manner that he hypnotises them with his stories. They remain in awe. That is a pretty good characteristic for a comedian. Sam has pretty good anecdotes to share as a bartender with access to behind the scenes of many shenanigans.


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