Eva Mendes wants to play a Disney Villain


Los Angeles: Actress Eva Mendes has revealed that she would like to play a Disney villain.

In an interview to Entertainment Tonight, Mendes spoke about how motherhood has limited her choices on screen, and also spoke of desire to do a Disney project, reports said.

“Acting is something that I will always love. It’s just like now that I have children, I’m kind of extreme.There’s just so many things I won’t do. Like I won’t do most of the movies I’ve done in the past. A lot of things are off that list. I don’t want to do anything too violent. Of course, I don’t want to do anything too sexual or sexual at all.

“So I’m basically like, ‘Disney, I’m all yours, Disney’. That’s all that’s left,” she said.

And she prefers doing the role of a Disney villain, rather than that of a princess.

“I’m more of the villain kinda type of girl. I’m more of the Ursula type … I like the villains of the Disney movies. They’re fun,” Mendes added.



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