Eminem Said It’s Better To Be Friends With 50 Cent Than Enemies


Eminem and 50 Cent haven’t always had the most friendly relationship. Things between the two of them have gone from diss tracks and rap beef all the way up to a full-fledged feud involving their respective rap crews. If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with the details of the bad times, so I won’t rehash them here. And in one of Em’s latest beefs, 50 Cent even backed him up.

Most of that other stuff happened twenty years or so ago now, and as elder statesmen in hip-hop, these two have developed a mutual respect for one another. So much so, that today during the ceremony for the unveiling of 50 Cent’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Eminem was there to help honor his legacy.

“I’m here today because this is not only a business partner to me, it’s one of the best friends I’ve ever known in the world, and I would say that it’s much more fun to be his friend than it is to be his enemy,” Eminem said during his speech, to much laughter and applause from the audience. “Because this guy is f*cking relentless, and he won’t stop,” Em concluded.

There you have it, stay on 50’s good side. But you all knew that already, right? Watch the clip above.


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