Doctor throttled in Talcher Sub-Divisional Hospital


Talcher: Doctors and other medical workers all around the world are risking their lives to contain the novel COVID-19.

However, a sickening event in Talcher has raised a finger on our sincereity in acknowledging and honouring their service.

As per reports, an elderly medical practioner was assaulted, throttled by a person at Talcher Sub-Divisional Hospital at Mandapal area of the Coal City.

According to reports, Dr LN Prasad was on duty that day when, a person came to the government hospital with his ailing mother. Dr Prasad asked the man to get a hospital ticket to start with the treatment, as per the prescribed norms.

However, by the time the man returned with a ticket, his mother had passed away. Aggrieved by this, he held Dr Prasad by his collar and started thrashing the elderly doctor.If that was not enough, he tried to throttle Dr Prasad. The entire ordeal was captured on CCTV camera of the hospital. Dr Prasad, 70, is a resident of Talcher’s ‘First Gate’ area. He joined the Sub-divisional hospital here on contractual basis post retirement.Angul Suprintendent of Police (SP) Jagmohan Meena said that the accused in this case has been arrested and will be forwarded to the Court on Saturday.”

The man has been identified as Basudev Singh, aged about 40 years. He is a resident of Singh Sahi in Talcher Town,” Meena said.


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