Did you Know? 6 Actresses of ‘Game of Thrones’ actually Debuted their Career in Adult Movies –


It’s not often that the worlds of adult film and mainstream media crossover, but Game of Thrones threw the rulebook out the window and cast quite a few porn stars on the series.

Being that nudity and sex are a pretty big part of the series, it makes sense to find people who are already comfortable with those dynamics. There’s likely a lot less shyness present on set when it comes time to get down to the nitty gritty if the actor is already well-acquainted with the content being filmed.

When casting a few key roles on Game of Thrones, the producers enlisted the services of adult film stars to help give the roles and scenes a more authentic feel. Some of the Game of Thrones characters who turn out to be adult film stars in real life might even surprise you.

Scroll down to see 6 real adult film stars who appeared in Game of Thrones:

1- Sibel Kekilli

On Game of Thrones, Sibel Kekilli starred as Shae, Tyrion Lannister’s now-deceased mistress. Shae was actually a very important character on the show until season four when she was revealed to have betrayed Tyrion for his father Tywin and murdered her by choking her to death.
Before securing the 20-episode run she enjoyed on Game of Thrones, Kekilli made a big splash in the adult entertainment industry as a performer named Dilara. It’s said that she even did 12 films in one year.

2- Sahara Knight

Starring as one of Littlefinger’s brothel girls, Knight appeared in four episodes of Game of Thrones. Born Saeeda Vorajee, Sahara Knight is her film-name. After having been in the clothing industry for over 6 years, Sahara decided to become an adult star in her 30s. She starred in her first adult film way back in 2004 and has continued to work in the industry. She has appeared in over 60 adult films since.

3- Aeryn Walker

Believe it or not, Walker once turned down a role in Game of Thrones. No known explanation was ever given, but it certainly is surprising as cosplaying was her main area of expertise in the adult film industry. Eventually, she agreed to a role on the show, appearing as one of the wives of Craster, a wildling who lived North of the Wall. She continues to run her own adult website and is self-described as “perverse and proud.”

4- Maisie Dee

30-year-old Maisie Dee is said to be a well-known adult film star in England. She appeared in three episodes of Game of Thrones as Daisy, one of the girls in Littlefinger’s brothel. In her final appearance on the show, Joffrey forced another prostitute to beat her to death. Dee has appeared in just over two dozen adult film scenes.

5- Samantha Bentley

Samantha Bentley appeared briefly in Season 4 as one of the prostitutes opposite Davos Seaworth. In addition to starring on Game of Thrones, the adult film star also starred in a Wiz Khalifa music video. Back in 2013, she won the AVN award for ” Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene,” and she has around 80 adult films in her repertoire.

6- Jessica Jensen

In season three of Game of Thrones, 24-year-old Jessica appeared as an extra but then turned up on the show again in season six. She started out as an insurance saleswoman, then tried some hand modeling, eventually ended up making porn films. She won the UKAP Best Female Award during her first year in the adult film industry.



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