Did Thalapathy Vijay reduce his salary by 20 Crores to help producers for Thalapathy 65? Read details below

Thalapathy Vijay Salary reduction

The film ‘Thalapathy 65’, directed by AR Murugadoss and produced by Sun Pictures and starring Thalapathy Vijay, is in the news daily and fans are looking forward to the updates about this movie. According to the latest information, Vijay has slashed his salary by Rs 20 crore for the film.

It was alleged that Vijay had asked for a salary of Rs 100 crore for the film ‘Thalapathy 65’, which was higher than the salary paid for Rajinikanth in the film ‘Annaatthe’. But due to the current financial crisis caused by the coronavirus, Vijay is said to have reduced his salary as requested by the production company.

It is also worth noting that since the collections in theatres are low due to the coronavirus, all the actors are voluntarily reducing their salaries to help the producers.

It has been reported that all the actors in the Malayalam film industry have slashed their salaries by 50%, as well as many leading actors in the Telugu film industry and Bollywood. Following this, Vijay, realising the difficulty of the producer, allegedly reduced his salary by Rs 20 crore, but Vijay’s party denied that Sun Pictures had asked him to reduce his salary further.

Sources in Thalapathy Vijay’s camp also said that the claim that the film was dropped by Sun Pictures was completely false and that the film would continue to be produced by Sun Pictures once the coronavirus curfew is over.


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