Devotees shower ‘Bhajan’ singer Geeta Rabar with cash, including dollars, at event; Watch video


Navsari: Bhajan programmes in India are a fancy affair but a recent one held in Gujarat seemed to have taken the standard to a whole other level.

Currency notes, both Indian rupee and American dollar, were showered on a folk singer taking part in a devotional programme in Navsari in the western Indian state, Saturday. Organisers of the event have claimed that the huge quantities of money collecte at the event will be used for philanthropic purposes including a scheme to help low-income girls get married.

The amount was so huge, with various denominations ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 2000, a currency counting machine was brought in and the total sum was collected in a tub. According to the organisers of teh event, the total amounted to approximately Rs 8-10 lakh.

“Not only Indian Rupees but also American dollars were showered. We have approximately collected Rs 8-10 lakh. The money collected will be used for running cow-shelter, teaching poor children, marriages of the poor girls and in maintaining the Bhagwati Dham,” said Vijay Bapu, the organizer.

“There were many NRI devotees among those who showered currency notes,” he said. Meanwhile, Geeta Rabari, the folk singer said: “Notes from Rs 10 to Rs 2000 were collected. American dollars were also showered. This money will be used for educating poor children and managing the affairs of the temple.”

“This is a tradition in Gujarat,” she added.



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