Despite the death of an infant, the ‘celebration’ continues


The death of an innocent baby at Shaheen Bagh due to negligence during the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act doesn’t appear to have dented the festive spirit of the protesters. Even after the terrible news became public, celebrations are on at the site of the tragedy. The ‘Daadis’ of Shaheen Bagh had invited artists, musicians, and poets to participate in the celebration of Unity, Peace and Harmony to attend the protests between the 2nd of February and the 7th.

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Conventional wisdom suggests that in light of the tragedy, at least overt festivities would have been abandoned by the organizers of these ‘unorganized’ protests. But that doesn’t appear to be the case. It appears that the protesters are more eager than anyone else to bury the tragedy.

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Such an attitude is not surprising given the fact that the mother of the dead infant herself is willing to ‘sacrifice’ her remaining two children as well for the fight against NRC. On being asked whether she was scared for the lives of her other children, she said, “No, we are not afraid. We will bring them and if needed, will sacrifice them as well. We will also die in the fight but we will fight for the country.”

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The ‘festival of unity’ continues unabated at Shaheen Bagh as the death of the infant is swept under the rug. It is important to remember that the death was completely avoidable and purely a consequence of the Islamic zealotry of the protesters. Instead of addressing the issues that led to the tragedy, the protesters and their handlers appear far more eager to distract attention from it by engaging in celebrations by roping in artists.

OpIndia had also reported on the death of a two-month-old child who had been accompanying its mother to Shaheen Bagh protests. However, we are unable to confirm whether the cases are the same or there has been the death of two infants.

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Apart from the tragedy, there has been rampant hooliganism during these protests. However, the artists appear over willing to legitimize the zealotry of the protesters that led to the death of a baby and has produced immense hooliganism and slogans such as ‘Jinnah Wali Azadi‘.

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