Deepika Padukone Reveals Why She Is Not Taking Up More Hollywood Films


Bollywood Diva Deepika Padukone took part in a famous Hollywood project with Vin Diesel in the film xXx: The Return of Xander Cage in 2017. But the actress has not appeared any other Hollywood project since xXx.

Deepika entered in Bollywood industry over 13 years now, started from ‘Om Shanti Om’ in 2007 to Chhapaak (till January 2019) the actress has shown her dynamic choice of films which reflects her capability and clarity of her views to the audience. As the new year ahead, Deepika producing a film which is a remake of a Hollywood project ‘The Internet (2015)’ under Shahrukh Batra’s directorial. The film project is still untitled.

In a recent interview with a popular new site, Deepika was asked that how is the difference strike with female-fronted films being made and female actors are turning producers, how she sees the differences since her debut in the industry?

Deepika Replied, “It is… But my very first film, Om Shanti Om, was with a female director (Farah Khan). We have come a long way, at least in terms of the roles being written for women. Also, there are more female technicians. I think that’s also a function of women now being more comfortable with choosing this as a profession. More women want to be independent… and then there’s the broadening of the understanding of the film industry. There was a lot of stigmas earlier as far as the film industry was concerned, specifically regarding women. There were all kinds of perceptions about the safety of women in this field. A lot of things have evolved and changed. Women are confident of following their hearts. I know so many women who have given up big corporate jobs to become writers and work in creative fields. There’s a lot more open-mindedness today. The kind of roles, even from an actor’s perspective… the roles I am being offered today vis-à-vis 10 years ago, definitely, things have changed.”

She was also asked about her comment on a promotional event where she mentioned about  investing for the film ‘Chhapaak’ from her production company while a journalist commented that , “Ranveer sir bhi ek tarah se producer hain kyunki ghar ka paisa laga hua hai” and the actress clarified by saying “Mere khud ke paise hain”

Deepika replied, “I do understand there are several things to it — one is to, at an event like that, look for a sensational headline. The other thing is the deep-rooted understanding that a woman can be, or rather cannot be financially independent! Or a woman is always dependent on her male, whether it’s her father, partner or husband! To be able to do certain jobs that for years we have always understood or assumed only a man can do… I think there were multiple layers to that question. There is that thing of maybe their own understanding, maybe of the fact that women cannot be financially independent. Without meaning it, it ended up being a very layered question.”

The actress Deepika was also asked about her future project is Hollywood as she did not appear any Hollywood project after xXx.

Deepika said, “I don’t look or evaluate films as Indian or international, but as a medium where I can express myself. If that opportunity is out of India, great. If that is out of the United States or another part of the world, I am happy to explore that too. For me, it’s always been content. I did Xander Cage because it was an extremely powerful, strong character to play. Eventually, it’s about the character and role, and of course, the film. It’s not like I’m actively seeking something in Hollywood. Whether India or any other part in the world, great content is what I seek.”

As the interview continued, Deepika was asked about the rumour of her appearance in upcoming Krrish franchise ‘Krrish 4’-

Deepika said that the news is apparently new to her. But she praised the actor Hrithik Roshan by saying him amazing and talented in her words. The actress would love to collaborate with the Hrithik, as she expressed in the interview.

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