Dance Plus Telugu Finale Winner, Runner-up, Grand Finale Updates!


In this era of saturated dance television shows, Star Maa’s dancing reality show is an outlier. This show is reaching the finale as of now. An exciting first season, filled with amazing performances and it made for some amazing television.

Grand Finale Updates

Dancee Plus Telugu (Dance+), started in the December of last year. And over the last few months has delivered good content for all. The prestigious trophy was up for grabs so contestants were motivated more than ever. The winner also stands to win over 20 lacs.

With vigorous auditions, only 12 contestants made the cut. The show is judged by Telugu stalwarts, Anee Master, Baba Bhaskar Master, Raghu Master, Monal Gajjar, Yashwanth Master and Mumaith Khan. They are the judges and captains of the show, and the contestants are teams. The show is hosted by Ohmkar.

This show’s format works in this manner, each and every judge will give a green or red plus sign for the contestants. If green, the contestant gets to fight another day. If red they would exit the show. The weekly winners are of course exempt from the elimination. Six teams have been eliminated. Of which one team came back in the wild card entry.


The finalists

Based on the judges and the teams, Team Mumaith has no more contestants left on the show. Team Yashwanth has not one but two contestants left. One of whom is a clear audience favourite. Let’s see who are the finalists and who stands to win the competition.

Dancee Plus Finalists

  • Darjeeling Devils – Team Raghu
  • Jiya Thakur – Team Anee
  • Niveditha – Team Baba Bhaskar
  • Sanket Sahadev – Team Yashwanth
  • Vasi – Team Yashwanth
  • Velocity – Team Monal

Despite reports the only way to know is to watch so stay tuned.



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