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Dance Deewane 3: Potential Elimination Updates, Best of the Top 10 Performances This Week!


The Indian television landscape is littered with dance shows. But only some seem to stand out, one of them is Colors TV’s dance reality show Dance Deewane 3. The show is in it’s third season, and features the glorious Madhuri Dixit. Dance Deewane 3 has really grown into itself this season. The performances are more natural, the show format has also become more seamless. It delivers power packed performances, and provides solid entertainment for the weekend. The show has now reached the stage with just the Top 10 contestants. Through these episodes, we have seen dance being innovated constantly.

Top 10 Performances

Let’s look at the Top 10 contestants

  1. Sohail Khan
  2. Gunjan Sinha
  3. Aman Kumar Raj
  4. Uday Singh
  5. Piyush Gurbhele
  6. Arundhati Garnaik
  7. Sahil & Anjali
  8. Jamna
  9. Pallavi Tolye
  10. Soochana Chorrge

The competition has been immense and a surprise elimination took place two weeks ago, and the contestants Papai-Antara and Somansh Dangwal were eliminated. This week’s episode will be on the theme of Retro Night. The show is very much nearing the Grand Finale. The Retro theme is strong in all the promos.

The show despite its strength is losing out to Indian Idol 12 and others in terms of TRPs. So, it seems that showrunners are all scrambling to bring in changes to the upcoming Grand Finale. Some sources are clear that there might be no elimination this week at all but all that comes to the test in this Sunday’s episode.

There is also a major buzz that famed actor Sidharth Shukla, will be a part of the show’s episode. In an image released by a fan, it seems to have captured them together in a very sweet pose. This would add to the speculation that the showrunners are pulling out all the stops in the TRP game. They are bringing in a lot of surprises.

Speaking of happy surprises host Raghav Juyal is also returning. After taking a break to recuperate from Covid-19, he will return to Dance Deewane 3 dais. So, let’s stay tuned and give this show a fighting chance!









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