Dance Deewane 3 7th March Episode Highlights: Elimination, Promos and Updates!


Colors TV is known for bringing forth worthy content to the audience. Their shows re versatile and constantly revamping which keeps the interest level intact. Dance Dewaane is currently in its third season and the energy which the show possesses continues to remain the same. The format of the show is simple wherein participants are chosen from different places across India and given the opportunity to showcase their talent to the world through their performances.

Dance Deewane 3 has been on air since Bigg Boss 14 got over and it surely is maintaining the hype which was created. A total of eighteen contestants were selected and they have to showcase their talent onstage. The objective is to keep improving their technique and win the hearts of the judges and audience. As of now, the show has been doing well as the TRP’s are raging. The content being produced is of quality which is why the audience is attracted towards it.

Dance Deewane 3 7th March Promos and Updates

Dance Deewane is being hosted by Raghav Juyal, a dancer himself, he knows his way through techniques and his humour to the hearts of the audience. Raghav has shown himself to be multitalented which is working in his favour. The judges or mentors of the show are well known, celebrities who have a strong background in dance and are known for their talents- Madhuri Dixit, an actress and dancer who for decades has been known for her expressions. Dharmesh Yelande, he himself has been a part of a dance show and has worked him way through from a young boy from Baroda with a dream to an ace Bollywood choreographer and the third judge is Tushar Kalia, yet another well known face in the field of dance.

Dance Deewane 3 has marvellous talent on its stage as every contestant has been selected through a tedious process where they have proved to be essential to the show. Through the show, they have to not only maintain their position but also learnt new forms and techniques of dance for their journey to be sustained.

Tonight, the audience will get to see the judges in a fun avatar. They introduce the contestants in their own filmy way. Madhuri sings a song from her own movie, calling the contestants onstage. Dharmesh has to introduce the contestants in a manner that Shah Rukh Khan would and he staggers initially but with Madhuri’s guidance sails through. Raghav even imitated Salman Khan.

We will also see three generations showing their talent onstage which will be a twist to what we usually see. A group from Punjab will have a unique take on Bhagra and this will get everyones energy soaring.


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