Dabboo Ratnani Finally Reacts To Fans’ Reaction On Kiara Advani’s Calendar Shoot


Dabboo Ratnani is, arguably, the most famous celebrity photographer in India. And, these days, like every year, his calendar shoot is making a lot of noise on the internet. Every year, Dabboo Ratnani launches his calendar featuring the topmost stars of Bollywood.

This year, the most prominent photograph from Dabboo Ratnani’s calendar shoot is Kiara Advani’s bold shoot. Kiara posed naked behind a giant leaf and it generated mixed reactions from the fans. Recently, Dabboo was asked about his thoughts on reactions from the fans and the stylish photographer said that he had expected the reactions on these two diva’s photos.

Speaking to News18, Dabboo Ratnani said that people are not used to seeing Bollywood actresses this way and nobody could imagine Kiara or Bhumi posing like that.

“Since the beginning we expected people to react this way to Bhumi and Kiara’s shots. People are not used to seeing them this way. Nobody could imagine Bhumi or Kiara posing like that. The whole idea was to let people know that they can look this way too and pull it off brilliantly,” said Dabboo in an interview to News18.

He further explained that their pictures are very sensuous and sexy but they are “not in your face”. Dabboo Ratnani also added that with these pictures, he has managed people to talk more about him.

“Their pictures are very sensuous and sexy but they are not in your face. There is a lot left for imagination and I guess that made people talk about it more. I personally think they are great shots and they are looking stunning. The pictures are not vulgar and very aesthetically done” he said.

Talking about his equations with Bollywood stars, Dabboo Ratnani said that they trust him completely and it shows in their pictures.

“The vision and angle matter a lot. Also, how you instruct an actor about the pose and the lighting used makes a huge difference. I have been doing this for so many years and have a chemistry with the actors. They trust me completely and it shows in the pictures,” he added.

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