Cryptojacking protection a focus area for Microsoft’s Edge browser


Edge, the web browser of information technology giant Microsoft, is now blocking cryptojacking malware.

A Microsoft Edge spokesperson said on February. 10 that the latest version of the web browser contains a new PUA blocking function (potentially unwanted apps) that can block some illegal cryptocurrency mining malware.

When asked if Microsoft plans to protect Edge users from illegal cryptocurrency miners, the spokesperson said that “this will be a specific area of ​​focus.”

Cryptojacking is the practice of illegally mining cryptocurrencies on the hardware of unconscious hosts. Devices that fall victim to cryptojacking often last less and respond less quickly.

Microsoft’s main product manager, Amitai Rottem, pointed to the new feature in a January tweet. 30. The tech giant program manager for the Eric Lawrence web platform explained that the feature blocks downloads that contain PUAs.

Microsoft noted that the long-implemented Microsoft Edge Tracking Protection feature also blocks well-known cryptocurrency mining software as standard. A blog post published by Microsoft in early December 2019 states:

“It is worth noting that tracking prevention, if enabled, always blocks storage access and source taxes for sites that fall under the Fingerprinting or Cryptomining categories on the Disconnect tracking protection lists.”

Authorities worldwide take action against cryptojacking as the practice gets wider. In early January, Interpol worked with cyber security company Trend Micro to reduce cryptojacking with MikroTik routers in Southeast Asia, while in August 2019 the French police stopped a huge botnet used for Monero mining on unsuspecting users’ machines.

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