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Paying with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies remains a juggling act of sorts. Norwegian Air, a major European airline, aims to change all of that in the near future. 

Paying for air travel with cryptocurrencies makes sense, on paper.

Norwegian Air Takes a big Gamble

These global payment options remove the need for foreign currency exchange fees.

Moreover, it reduces the number of payment methods to incorporate to just one. 

Norwegian Air is willing to take a gamble in this particular regard.

More specifically, Norwegian Block Exchange has built a payment infrastructure that allows for the purchase of Norwegian Air tickets with digital assets.

It is now up to the airline to integrate this package and begin accepting payments.

Rolling out such a core feature needs to be done in a timely manner.

For now, it is expected that this will take place in the spring of 2020.

Norwegian Air Shuttle is a major domestic airline, but also one with a big presence in Europe.

In fact, among the low-cost airlines, it ranks in the top three across all of Europe.

If their integration of crypto payments is successful, other airlines may follow suit in quick succession.

Until that happens, crypto asset holders can still benefit from the services provided by Travala.


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