Cryptocurrency mining immersion cooling


When the term mining is used, one of the more popular cryptocurrencies is represented – bitcoin. This concept can be attributed to all kinds of digital currencies. Running the simplest computer program can yield big profits and you don’t have to use human labor.

One of the most important operations where cryptocurrency appears is a series of transactions that are performed by an entire network of users. If a participant performs a huge amount of calculations during mining, using which individual transaction blocks are combined in a whole chain, the user receives new cryptocurrency coins as a comforting bonus. However, this type of currency is completely virtual and cannot be exchanged for metal or paper money. For some digital currencies there is the possibility of exchanging virtual wallets via special exchangers.

There is also the complexity of the calculations, which depends on how quickly the electronic wallet is replenished and what type of digital currency. It is worth considering that an easier way to extract electronic currency means a much lower rate compared to real money.

To improve performance instead of conventional computers, miners use ASIC miners. But the use of this equipment leads to an increase in energy consumption and the result is strong heating. When heated, the equipment reduces the efficiency and stability of the operation, causing problems during operation. Therefore, the relevance of the subject to buying a quality cooling system is in the first place. One of the effective cooling methods is immersion cooling.

Immersion cooling technology

Immersion cooling is a unique and modern technology that is used to dispose of the inert liquid in which company equipment is immersed.

A power supply, hard disks, boards and a processor, video cards are immersed in a tank with a special liquid oil. In this case, the liquid is a dielectric that conducts electrical current poorly. That is why it is safe to lower all devices connected to the electrical network into the tank. It is not flammable and cannot cause harm to a person.

Special bathtubs are chosen as the used containers, within which the absorption of the heat generated by mining companies takes place. The pump then supplies oil to the heat exchanger and the generated heat absorbs water. Thanks to this, the equipment works at normal temperatures, and as a result, the efficiency increases and the vibration decreases. One of the high-quality manufacturers of this equipment is the company

The most important benefits of this method

In the absence of such a cooling method, an additional system is needed, which is why powerful air conditioners have been installed. They increase energy consumption considerably. Therefore, the use of immersion technology can reduce the maintenance costs and air conditioning of the production area, more details.

The advantage of this cooling method is:

  • continuous operation of the equipment used, in which the
  • operation is performed under optimum thermal conditions;
  • small overall dimensions of mining companies and asics that allow
  • reduce production costs for maintenance and rental of buildings;
  • refusal to purchase general ventilation systems in equipment;
  • increase productivity by at least 10%;
  • extend the lifespan of miners without reducing the quality of operation;
  • the soundlessness of the equipment used.

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