the most complete crypto app on the market?


I have known for a year now, but I have to say that every time the application surprises me with the new features that have been added.

These days I am not afraid that I am wrong when I say that it is one of the most complete crypto apps on the market. is indeed 5 things at once:

  • A crypto and fiat wallet (you can have more than 50 different cyrptocurrencies, as well as euros or dollars).
  • A crypto bank card provider that offers cash back on a promising token.
  • An application to pay directly with your smartphone.
  • A cryptocurrency exchange platform.
  • An investment service for funds (loans and cryptos).

That is all at once. And that is why it can become a preferred application among holders of cryptocurrency. Why? For the simple reason that we no longer have to switch from one app to another and that we can do everything on that app.

Finally, the purpose of is to facilitate the transition from traditional to crypto financing. In other words, the founding team does everything to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies through its application.

The purpose of this article is to show you everything you can do with

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1 / Apply for a Visa card

Frankly speaking, most people who sign up for the app do it mainly to get a VISA card that I have read on the internet. Bank cards indeed offer many advantages compared to other cryptographic bank cards that exist.

(For example, the Wirex card had become popular because it offered cashback at 1%, but that of offers cashback up to 5% and in a very interesting token.)

The biggest advantage is that by using the card, we systematically receive MCO tokens in exchange. It is a very interesting type of crypto cashback. It is always better than spending without having anything in return, right?

The other important fact to know is that MCO tokens are of great value. The token has not stopped growing since its launch and given the general enthusiasm for this card, it is almost certain that the tokens will not stop increasing in value over time.

There are different types of cards. You must choose the one that best suits you based on your requirements and your general expenses. It goes from a simple card to a card with higher spending limits and equally important benefits.

But keep in mind that there are many benefits for all types of cards:

  • Card available in the United States (49 out of 50 states), Europe (£ / €) and Singapore. The company says it will offer maps in Africa by 2020.
  • There are no annual or monthly costs.
  • You can spend your money in foreign currency or cryptocurrencies.
  • Lowest interbank exchange rates.
  • The simplest card is free.
  • Up to 5% discount on purchases with your card.
  • Delivery of the card is free.
  • You can order metal cards with personalized colors.
  • You have no minimum balance and can withdraw at any time.

???????? In addition, you can also request the Visa MCO card directly on the application itself. It only takes a few minutes to request the card of your choice.

These are the parameters for cards in general. Now let’s look at the functionality for each of the cards.

I hope this will help you make your choice. Note that there are 5 different cards with different rates and levels.
Here is the summary table, but you will find an explanation for each card below.

Midnight Visa MCO Card (free)

The Visa Visa Midnight Blue card is immediately available without having to purchase MCOs. With this free card you can earn 1% rewards in MCO tokens on all costs that you incur. You have an ATM withdrawal limit of $ 200 USD (then free for 2%) and an interbank exchange rate set at $ 2,000 free. Then it goes to 0.5%.

Visa Card MCO Ruby Steel (50 MCO Bet)

As the name suggests, the Ruby Steel card is a red composite metal bank card. It is quite refined in its design. To order this card, you need 50 MCO. Benefits include 2% MCO rewards on all card spending, a monthly withdrawal limit of $ 400 USD, monthly interbank exchange rate limits of $ 4000 USD.

Green Jade or Royal Indigo Visa MCO card (500 MCO)

Now let’s talk about the premium cards of the application. They are intended for large portfolios and people who want exceptional benefits.

These two metal cards offer 3% MCO rewards on all card releases and require a bet of 500 MCO. These two cards have the same benefits and limits; The only difference is the aesthetic design.

Benefits include access to the lounge LoungeKey ™ airport lounge for the cardholder, a monthly free withdrawal limit of $ 800, a monthly interbank exchange rate of $ 10,000 USD.

Glazed white or rose gold Visa MCO card (ring of 5000 MCO)

You could say that this is what makes this the ultimate card These cards are clearly expensive to obtain and are not made for all budgets.

You need a bet of 5,000 MCO to apply for this card. Benefits include 4% on MCO rewards on all card spending, Air LoungeKey ™ Airport Lounge Access including guest access, monthly ATM cash withdrawal limit of $ 1,000, interbank exchange rate of $ $ 20,000.

Visa MCO Obsidian Black card (50,000 MCO participation)

For the real adults, here is the most luxurious menu. It is the Visa Obsidian Black card. You need a huge 50,000 MCO bet to apply for the card. The card offers 5% on MCO rewards on all card spending. Access to the LoungeKey ™ Airport Lounge Access plus a guest, a $ 1,000 free monthly withdrawal limit and an unlimited monthly interbank exchange rate.

Do you need MCO tokens to order a card?

No, like I said, there is a card that is completely free. That said, to get other cards with other benefits, you must have MCO tokens. It is also not with these tokens that you buy the card. No, you just have to keep a certain amount in the game. You can order your card and get back your saved amount after 6 months.

If it is not yet very clear, I will explain in detail below.

Comparison of Visa MCO cards and which card suits you best?

crypto bank card

It will very clearly depend on your resources. To start with, I think the simple and free card is sufficient. I ordered this.

Also keep in mind that you can order more tickets over time, if your financing permits this.

You should also know that more expensive cards offer benefits and big discounts on partner sites. For example, we can quote a subscription to Spotify and Netflix, discounts on Expedia and Airbnb.

How does the bank card work?

You should know that, as with almost all crypto bank cards, your cryptocurrencies are exchanged in fiat currencies when you pay with your card. The crypto-to-fiat exchange happens in the background with every purchase you make. This process includes loans, buy / sell orders, etc. In essence, the app exchanges crypto coins for you so that you can use trust funds every time you swipe your card to make a purchase.

The transaction costs are ultimately paid by the merchant in accordance with the Visa merchant card.

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2 / What do the MCO and CRO tokens match?

MCO and CRO are the utility tokens of and are accepted in most trading platforms. For the oldest of you you may know that the MCO token is the old MONACO …

In other words, you can buy / sell these cryptocurrencies or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or for Fiats currencies (dollars / euros / etc.).

The fact that we can trade on popular platforms such as Binance, Bithumb, Upbit, OKEx and Huobi confirm the fact that they are reliable cryptocurrencies.

MCO is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning that it can be stored in any wallet that can hold ERC-20 coins, such as MyEtherWallet, or hardware wallets such as Trezor.
We see that in February 2020, the MCO token is worth about $ 5 and it is in 66th place in the world.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, MCO cannot be mined and is issued instead in response to deposits in the app. Although the MCO can be stored in compatible wallets of your choice, only the MCO coins stored in the mobile wallet count towards the benefits of your Visa MCO card. You must therefore store your MCOs in your wallet.

Although the MCO token focuses on the operation of and its bank cards, the CRO token has been further developed for the trading aspect of the platform.

Although the different Visa cards alone have a lot to offer, offers various additional services that make it a very handy investment and wallet application.

The app serves as a multi-crypto wallet that supports half a dozen fiat and cryptocurrencies (plus 55+), including your Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash to name just a few. And as with any normal exchange, you can buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies. So you can use it like a traditional exchange platform, directly on your smartphone.

You can also exchange fiat currencies, track the cryptos of your choice and send payments to other wallets. By sending crypts to people who also have a wallet, then there are no costs involved.

Finally, this is the part that interests you the most, I imagine.

With the “program” earning you can earn up to 18% pa on your crypto assets and 12% on your stable coins. It will depend on which cryptocurrency you choose and also the duration.


???????? Winnings are credited to your wallet every seven days and paid out in the same currency as your deposit. This means that if you have saved bitcoin, you will receive your profit in bitcoin.

The Earn tool works with the Credit product on the same platform. In other words, when you make a profit, it is because your money has been used to borrow them. This is indeed logic. While you borrow money and make a profit on the loan, another person will borrow it and pay interest. While you borrow crypto, others borrow. The Crypto Earn business model is fairly standard and is similar to what you can see elsewhere.

Finally, the Earn program works according to 2 rules:

  • The returned interest varies depending on the part you choose.
  • You even earn longer than you keep the cryptos offers three conditions to win:

  1. Flexible period: As the name suggests, this is the most flexible plan, with a low-risk savings solution that allows you to dip your toe in water and essentially test service. You can stop and withdraw your coins at any time.
  2. A month period: You can increase your annual interest by choosing a monthly plan when you turn off your token. Every week you receive your benefits and you can withdraw everything after one month.
  3. 3 month period: This is the 3-month plan with which you can earn maximum interest. Although your token can be locked during this period (as with the one-month subscription), you earn the maximum rewards. It is not negligible if you like passive income.

What is cryptocurrency strike?

I have talked a lot about betting on this blog because, as you already know, this is one of my favorite methods to win crypto. If you don’t know what it is and how to proceed, I’ll tell you here.

In fact, with stakes you can generally earn cryptos based on the time you have kept them in a wallet. In fact, you are rewarded in crypto for the simple fact that you have saved this or that crypto for a certain time. This corresponds to placing your money. This allows you to validate operations on a blockchain and crypto becomes credible. In short, and for the summary, that’s strike.

And the good news is that we can bet (and therefore earn cryptocurrencies)

Assessment of the benefits of Strike

In fact, you can do different things with stakes in the app except just generate free cryptocurrencies. By turning off, you have various options.

For example To apply for a premium metal MCO Visa card, you must keep the MCO tokens in the app for a period of six months. Because everyone does not always agree that his cryptos will be blocked for 6 months, the platform has decided to offer significant benefits to those who use the tokens from

I remind you that your commitment of 6 months only takes 6 months. After the end of this period you can get your capital back and, if you wish, withdraw it.

Here is a full overview of the benefits of strike:

Although we have not yet discussed the individual functions, we will continue with the most important benefits:

  • You earn more MCO rewards for card purchases
  • For Crypto Invest: 50% discount on profit costs
  • For Crypto Earn: better annual interest rates
  • In addition, you receive an annual MCO interest rate every seven days, credited to your wallet: with 500 stacked MCO you receive an annual interest rate of 6%. With 5000 or 50,000 MCO, 8% annual interest.

5 / Crypto Invest: quantitative trade

Just like with the most serious crypto investment apps nowadays, offers investors the opportunity to benefit from automated quantified trading automated trade ) to earn money with their Bitcoin and other currencies.

As a machine-driven trading strategy, you only have to enter the first few parameters. Then it is the bot that only automatically runs in the cloud without human intervention.

Here we see a table with qualified trading performance on

But what is quantum trade?

Quantitative or quantitative trading is coded software that uses complex mathematical models to determine when cryptographic assets must be bought or sold (place orders) by analyzing historical developments and responding to synchronous market signals.

Because the entire subject is extremely complex, I recommend that you teach yourself about acting in general before you begin.

Although trading with Crypto Invest does not entail any entry or exit costs, they do charge you a daily fee for all profits made (update: it is currently free to use Invest, but this may change in the future).

To avoid confusion, they do not affect your initial deposit, which remains intact throughout the entire period, but they will deduct “success costs” from your winnings. For example, if you started with a $ 100 down payment without MCO blocking and made $ 5 the same day, they would take a $ 0.90 or 18% discount.

Costs on winnings are cashed once a day at 00:00 UTC, or when you withdraw some or all of your money.

Ommigen Some claim that daily costs kill any long-term investment goal, but knowing that 90% of crypto traders lose money by selling manually, it is not unfair to pay for a product that works better than 90% of people.

Now a fair warning for those who want to deposit or withdraw money from the app. Check your portfolio address carefully.

Buying Crypto is as easy as depositing money into your account. Click on the “buy” button to start:

You now have three options for purchasing cryptos in the app.

  • You can buy cryptos with your crypto currencies that have been deposited in your wallet.
  • You can buy with a credit or debit card. (The use of your credit or debit card entails processing costs of 3.5% per purchase that do not go to the card processor
  • You can use your Fiats amounts to purchase cryptocurrencies.

Personally, I avoid direct purchases with a credit card and I deposit all fiat via traditional bank transfer (which takes about a working day with N26). But this option is clearly not ideal for those who want to buy and sell crypto directly.

Choose the method you prefer and select the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Click on buy. Make sure you have enough money to complete the transaction.

What are the pros and cons of

The main characteristics that distinguish this company from its competitors are due to two important things:

You can obtain cryptographic bank cards (Visa MCO cards) with an integrated cashback system.

You have various functions to earn cryptocurrencies (earn and invest).

I explain in detail what this article is about, don’t worry if it is still unclear to you.

The advantages ????

  1. You can get a card for free
  2. You receive 5% Cashback in MCO tokens when using the Visa MCO card
  1. There are two ways to invest and earn cryptocurrencies.

4. Visa MCO is accepted almost everywhere Visa card payments are accepted

  1. The “Earn” function earns up to 18% per year on your deposit. That makes it one of the companies with the best return on investment.
  2. For EU citizens: free deposits and withdrawals in euros with SEPA.
  3. A user-friendly and intuitive application. You get to know the app quickly.
  4. The customer service team is incredibly fast and patient.

The cons ????

  1. There is no “computer” version for the app. It is only available on his smartphone.
  2. The company was founded in 2016. It is currently a young company. Final Conclusion

The mission of is to make cryptocurrency more accessible to our daily lives. It is truly a marriage between the traditional and the very latest, so that even complete beginners can start the investment and use of crypto with their Visa MCO card and many betting benefits.

Although there are many good things to say about this app, the company still has a long way to go. Different laws and regulations in different parts of the world do not make this service a viable option for everyone.

However, the partnership with Visa makes it possible to make daily purchases with crypto funds, bringing the world closer to digital assets and fiat currencies.

I will personally ask for the Midnight card when writing this review. This is the level at which I feel most comfortable at the moment compared to the rewards.

Good tip: if you want to earn the equivalent of $ 50 immediately, register in the app by entering this code: s8nfdgbz7h. That being said, However, you have to invest 50 MCO to benefit from it …)

By clicking here, you will come to this page and you must enter the code s8nfdgbz7h.

Well, I hope this article is complete enough and that it will help you understand this application better.

I will tell you soon for a video on this subject.


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