Country-Ish Release Date, Plot and Everything We Know! Why did the show not release?


For all those country fans out there, excitement has been at it’s peak ever since it was announced that Country-is would be streaming on Netflix. The show will revolve around Coffey Anderson an independent musician who has been climbing the ranks. Life as an independent musician is not. A piece of cake and the pressure that tags along is monumental. Anderson attempts to give the audience a sneek peak into his life both personally as well as professional. The show includes his family who will also be a part of the show.

Country-Ish Release Date

Country-ish was scheduled to release on September 25th 2020 but due to unforeseen circumstances the show failed to release. The show had set a lot of tongues wagging in the right manner but on the supposed day of release there was no streaming of Country-ish. The Instagram handle has announced that Country-Ish will be given a further release date and will not be released on the previous announced day. As of now there is no news as to when Country-fIsh is scheduled to release.

Country-Ish Cast

Considering that Country-Ish will revolve around the life of country musician, the cast will comprise mainly of those who are integral to his life. The cast includes:

  • Coffey Anderson
  • Criscilla Anderson
  • Ethan
  • Emnmarie
  • Everleigh

Country-Ish Plot

Country-Ish is the real life story of independent musician Coffey Anderson. He describes his struggles as an independent entity and the hardships he has faced to reach where is. All the while the person who stood by him was his wife Criscilla, a known figure in her own field. In the show they describe the hardships faced by the couple as they try to co-parent their three children with a mix of country and city upbringing. But the reason thorn in their lives was when Criscilla was diagnosed with colon cancer. The show will even demonstrate their ordeal.

Country-Ish Trailer

The trailer of Country-Ish has been released and has been well received. It was actually the trailer that got people to its favour. The release date of the show might be up for grabs but we sure know what the trailer holds in store. Watch the trailer of Country-Ish here:



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