Coronavirus Tamil Nadu Count Today 17th June 2020 – A big spike in Cases Today

Coronavirus cases today 17 June 2020

With Coronavirus cases count very less on 16th June 2020 there was a hope that the Tamil Nadu has crossed its peak stage and the Covid 19 case count may go down from today. But it looks like things are not back to normalcy in Tamil Nadu yet as there is a huge spike in total number of Coronavirus case today Wednesday 17th June 2020. The total number of Covid 19 case today stands at 2174 and the total number of cases in Chennai is at 1276. Here are the details about the Covid 19 cases in Tamil Nadu

Coronavirus Cases Tamil Nadu June 17 2020

  • Total Cases 17 June – 2174
  • Total Cases in Chennai 17 June – 1276
  • Total recoveries 17 June – 842
  • Total Death 17 June – 48
  • The total prevalence of coronavirus in Tamil Nadu exceeded 50,000
  • Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu so far – 50,193
  • The number of Coronavirus patients in Chennai so far is 35,556
  • Coronavirus overall death 576
  • The number of people recovered from coronavirus is 27,624
  • Coronavirus confirmed in 80 people from overseas
  • Coronavirus for 16 returners from Saudi, Singapore, Kuwait, Malaysia
  • Coronavirus confirmed in 38 Tamilians ​​returned from Maharashtra
  • Coronavirus confirmed in 7 returned from Karnataka
  • Coronavirus confirmed in 5 ​​returned from Kerala

This is a huge spike in Covid 19 cases and with lockdown in four districts of Tamil Nadu starting from Tomorrow night till 30th June 2020 midnight it will be interesting to see how the government work in controlling the coronavirus cases in the state. Now the total Covid 19 Cases in Tamil Nadu have crossed 50,000.


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