Cook with Comali Sunitha’s dance video with her pregnant friend goes viral

Cook with comali Sunitha

‘Cook with Comali’ has been a huge hit and the number of fans waiting for the show every Saturday is increasing day by day. It is also worth noting that there are people who watch this show over and over again on Hotstar.

It is noteworthy that in this case the cooks and comali who attended the show have become popular among the people. It is noteworthy that Sunitha, one of the comalis in that category, has captivated everyone with her little Tamil accent.

An old video of Cook with Comali Sunitha dancing with one of her pregnant girlfriends is currently going viral on social media. It is noteworthy that Sunita danced with her friend Priya Manjunath while she was pregnant and directed the dance herself.

Although this video is an old video, the likes of this video are accumulating again after Sunita became famous through the show Cook with Comali.


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