‘Cook With Comali’ Shakeela makes a surprise visit to see injured Manimegalai

Manimegalai Shakeela

Cook with Comali is the most popular show on Tv at present. It is noteworthy that the cooks and comalis who attended the show, in particular, became hugely popular.

At this point, Manimegalai, one of the nonstop comedians on the show, was recently involved in a minor accident. She was said to have suffered a minor injury due to hot water spilled on her leg and would not attend the show for two weeks. Manimegalai had said this on her Instagram page.

At this point, Manimegalai, who has paired up with Shakeela in Cook with Comali show, has made a noble gesture. It is noteworthy that Shakeela scolded Manimegalai a few times but affectionately called her daughter and my baby during the show.

Shakeela went to Manimegalai’s house and inquired about her health when she heard that Manimegala had a minor accident in this condition. A photo of Shakeela hugging Manimegalai has been posted on Manimegalai’s Instagram page. In it, Manimegalai said: “My Shakeela mother came to see me in person and said some words of encouragement for her recovery.” This photo is currently going viral on social media.


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