Cook With Comali Season 3 starting date, contestants and comalis revealed

Cook with comali 3

Many serials on Vijay TV have been hugely popular among the fans. The reality show Cook With Comali, which is currently the most tumultuous in that genre, has a fan following all over the world today. It’s one of the most-watched Tamil reality show, even beating the TRP ratings of Bigg Boss 4.

The show has attracted a lot of people, from children to the elderly. However, this show started as a cooking show but has turned into a hilarious comedy show due to the efforts taken by cooks and comalis. Both cooks and comalis from season 2 of this show have gotten offers to act in movies. Thus Pavithra, Pugazh, Bala, Shivangi, and a few others are committed to acting in films.

The show has been running for the past two years. Season 2 is currently nearing completion, so fans feel sad that this show will end soon. Chef Damu, the show’s judge, shared important information with fans in an interview to keep everyone excited about the next season.

He has revealed that Cook with Comali Season 3 will have Bigg Boss celebrities and small screen actresses as contestants. And the current comalis will be in season 3 as well. The show is said to start in August or September 2021.


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