‘Cook with Comali’ Manimegalai injured in an accident, will not be part of Cook with Comali for two weeks

Cook with comali manimegalai accident

Cook With Comali Season 2 is a popular Vijay TV show that has a huge fan base. Meanwhile, in Cook With Comali Season 2, which is moving towards the final, there are currently five main contestants remaining. They are Kani, Baba Bhaskar, Shakeela, Pavithra and Ashwin.

In this case, everyone’s favorite comali Manimegalai has posted a shocking post on her Instagram page. Yes, she said she had a minor accident but is fine now. And will not be able to participate in the Cook With Comali show for the next two weeks. She also said he was going to miss her CWC team. Many have offered their support to Manimegalai including Shivangi, Pugazh, and Pavithra on her social media page.


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