‘Cook with Comali’ Chef Damu with daughter Akshaya photo goes viral on social media

Chef Damu daughter Akshaya

It is known that the show ‘Cook with a Comali’ airing on Vijay TV has become hugely popular. The show is top-rated due to the comedy sequences presented by both cook and comali. For a while, the two sides were mixed up in comedy without knowing who Cook was and who was the Comali.

In this situation, it is a great tragedy for the fans that ‘Cook with Comali 2′ is currently reaching its final stage. The finale is scheduled for next week, and Kani, Ashwin, Baba Bhaskar, Shakeela, and Pavithra have been shortlisted for the finals, one of whom will win the title. Most people predict that either Ashwin or Kani will win the title.

It is known that Venkatesh Bhat and Damodharan are the judges who are doing comedy on par with the ‘cooks’ and comalis of the show. The counters that the two give from time to time are admirable and can especially make you fall in love with Damu’s comedy.

At this point, he himself has posted a photo of his daughter Akshaya on his Instagram page. Fans who saw the photo of her daughter Akshaya said, is she such a beautiful daughter? Congratulations to him on that. This photo is currently going viral.

Damu’s daughter Akshaya recently recorded a photo she took with Ashwin and mentioned that she was happy to meet a good man.


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