Cook with Comali Ashwin’s new song with Reba Monica John titled as ‘Kutty Pattasu’

Kutty Pattasu Ashwin

The show Cook With Comali is the big talk of the town right now. It’s a great show that makes viewers laugh no matter how distressed they are.

There was no shortage of laughter on the show despite the cooking competition. The Wild Card is set to take place this week after the semi-finals. The promo for this week has also been released, and it looks like it will be a comedy riot.

Ashwin is the recipient of great reach through this show. He played as the main lead in some serials but got no big reception. Ashwin is currently starring in a song album following the show. The poster for the album song is currently out.

Ashwin stars in the song album and Reba Monica John of Bigil fame, and it’s titled “Kutty Pattasu”.


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