Cook with Comali Ashwin cries in ‘Beindwoods Gold Icons’ Awards, wins ‘Most Popular Person’ Award

Ahswin Kumar Behindwoods Award

The Behindwoods Gold Medals Awards event has been consistently successful for the past 7 years. Another highlight is the Behindwoods Gold Icons Digital & TV Awards today (March 7, 2021), which honors achievers in the digital and social media fields.

Vijay TV and ‘Cook with Comali’ celebrities, including Pavithra, Rithika, Baba Bhaskar, Sivanki, Sarath, were present at the award ceremony, which hosted the fame and the hour. The photo of Ashwin dancing with Shivangi, in particular, has gone viral on Behindwoods Instagram.
Ashwin Emotional During Behdindwoods award
Ashwin Kumar was awarded the MOST POPULAR PERSON Award for his performance in ‘COOKU with COMALI’ reality show. Actor Ashwin’s emotional speech while receiving the award where he was seen crying goes viral. Pugazh was seen consoling Ashwin during this event.



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