Cook with Comali 2 Winner: Social media predicts this contestant as Title Winner of Cook with Comali 2

Cook With Comali 2 title winner

Cook with Comali is one of the unique shows in the history of Indian television. Since this is a cooking show with a heavy dose of comedy, many viewers have loved it more than any other reality shows. Besides, the comedy of many, including Pugazh, Bala, Shivangi, Manimegalai, is one of the main reasons for the show to be successful.

Thus, they have done a remake in Kannada of the hit Tamil show ‘Cook with Comali’. While Kani, Baba Bhaskar, and Ashwin went to the finals in the semi-final episode, two more contestants were selected from the wild card episode. Pavithra and Shakeela were selected as the finalists for Cook with Comali Season 2 through the wild card.

In this case, the title winner of Cook With Comali Season 2 is Baba Bhaskar, as fans have been saying great confidence in the social media. They also say that Ashwin has a good chance of winning.

Anyway, let’s wait and see for this week’s finale episode.


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