Cook with Comali 2 Wild Card Winner: This eliminated contestant wins Wild Card and enters CWC 2 finale

Cook with comali 2 wild card winner Shakeela

People were eager to know who the winner was on the Bigg Boss show. But now people are more curious about who is the winner of the Cook with Comali 2 show than Bigg Boss.

In the semi-finals, Kani, Baba Bhaskar, and Ashwin were all selected for the final. Fans will know who is the 4th contestant to compete with these 3 in this week’s wild card episode. This week’s Cook with Comali 2 is special as all the contestants who were eliminated from the show are making re-entry.

Fans were expecting Pavithra, Dharsha Gupta, Rithika, and Shakeela to tough competition during this wild card round. It has been revealed from various sources that Shakeela is the fourth contestant to be selected from this wild card round.

Shakeela was a great cook, and her elimination during the semi-finals was unfortunate. Hence Shakeela’s re-entry via wild card was expected by the audience.


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