Cook With Comali 2 Grand Finale shooting completed, winner details leaked online


Cook With Comali is the most celebrated reality cooking show among all regional channels. Following the success of season 1 of Cook with Comali the season 2 premiered on Diwali 2020. Nine contestants including Shakeela, Baba Bhaskar, Ashwin, Kani, and Pavithra were part of the show.

But every alternate week a contestant was eliminated and currently, 5 contestants were selected for the final. Cook with Comali finale is airing on 14th April 2021 during Tamil New Year from 2 pm to 7 pm for five consecutive hours.

In this case, the final shooting of Cook with Comali is over today and the editing work is underway. Filming photos from the editing work of Cook with the Comali grand finale have been leaked on the social website.

It is also being rumored on social media that the winner of Cook With Comali Season 2 will be Baba Bhaskar.

Here are the photos
Cook with comali finale editing

Cook with comali finale editing 1.png


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