Cook with Comali 13th March 2021: Pavithra Eliminated this week during elimination challenge with Ashwin

Cook with Comali Elimination Pavithra

Vijay TV’s hit show Cook with Comali season 2 has become very popular among the Tamil people by participating in it. Recently came this week’s promo for the show was released on Vijay Tv’s youtube channel. This includes Ashwin and Pavithra in the Elimination round.

The two are announced to be part of the elimination challenge after Kani and Shakeela perform better and gets saved. Ever since this promo came out, the big question for fans has been who will leave. According to the information available to us, Pavithra was eliminated this week.

Though this is a shock for Pavithra fans, many people are happy that Ashwin is saved from elimination. It’s known that Shivangi is once again paired with Ashwin in today’s episode, and she will be one of the happy people as Ashwin is saved. Pavithra was missing for the past two weeks due to some unforeseen circumstances, but her return has not ended well as she gets eliminated.

The Cook with Comali 2 Wild card round is expected to happen next week, and contestants like Pavithra, Dharsha will be cooking against each other to enter the finale.


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