Congress wrongly blames BJP for creating Shaheen Bagh


Ghulam Nabi Azad, a senior leader of the Congress party, has now blamed Narendra Modi and the BJP for the Radical Islam that is on blatant display at Shaheen Bagh in the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Furthermore, he has threatened that more Shaheen Baghs will come up all across India if the government carries on with its current policies.

Azad said, “If you had brought constructive matters, we would have bowed before you, but you brought destruction. What is Shaheen Bagh? It is your creation. If you will do such work, then Shaheen Bagh will come up everywhere in India.” It appears that according to the Congress party, providing shelter to the persecuted Hindus and Sikhs and other religious minorities from the Islamic States of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh is a ‘destructive’ effort.

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Furthermore, the Congress party has thus far not condemned the blatant anti-Hindu bigotry that was on display in these anti-CAA protests nor has it called out the Radical Islamic nature of them. Shashi Tharoor did offer a squeak, however, he had to face massive backlash for his resistance. The Congress party since then has left Tharoor to fend for himself.

Blaming the BJP or the RSS for the sins committed by Radical Muslims is nothing new for the Congress party. Earlier, it had claimed that it was Vinayak Damodar Savarkar for the two-nation theory when it is an established fact that the theory was proposed by Muslim intellectuals of British India. Now, it is blaming the BJP for creating Shaheen Bagh when, in fact, it was masterminded by Sharjeel Imam, a Radical Muslim that eulogizes Muhammad Ali Jinnah like the Congress party’s Mani Shankar Aiyer.

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Ghulam Nabi Azad’s claim that “Shaheen Bagh will come up everywhere in India” comes across as a veiled threat in light of the admission by a Congress candidate from Delhi that he had provided help to the Shaheen Bagh protesters. It appears obvious now that the Congress party will not be an ally in India’s fight against Radical Islam.

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