Congress calls President’s speech ‘tiresome repetition of old slogans’


New Delhi: The Congress said Friday the President Ram Nath Kovind’s address to the joint session of Parliament was a ‘tiresome repetition of old slogans and old cliches’ that have lost all meaning and does not have a word on the macroeconomic situation, lost jobs and increasing unemployment.

Congress leader P Chaidambaram said the address is silent on the swindling investment in the country and rising number of stalled projects as the government is ‘clueless’.

“All that we heard was tiresome repetition of old slogans and old cliches that have lost all meaning in the last few years,” Chidambaram said on Twitter. “Sadly, there was not a word on the macro-economic situation. Not a word on lost jobs, increasing unemployment and rising consumer price inflation. Not a word on the closure of thousands of industries, especially in the SME sector,” added the former Union Finance Minister.

Chidambaram also said the government is clueless, ‘and therefore the President’s address was silent, on dwindling investment and rising number of stalled projects. The future of the manufacturing sector is bleak’.

“Sadly, not a word on macro-eco situation, lost jobs, unemployment, rising inflation and industry closure,” P Chidambaram stated.


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