Congress asks BJP to expel Anantkumar Hegde, Pragya Thakur over Mahatma Gandhi comments


New Delhi: Accusing the BJP of having ‘hatred and contempt’ for Mahatma Gandhi, the Congress said Tuesday if the ruling party was sincere in its love for him, it should expel its leaders Anantkumar Hegde and Pragya Singh Thakur. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also should offer an unconditional apology.

Congress leader KC Venugopal, who is AICC general secretary in-charge for the organisation, slammed the BJP and its top leadership for their ‘half-hearted and shoddy lip service’ for getting away with the crime of ‘insulting’ Mahatma Gandhi and the entire freedom struggle.

“If the BJP and its leadership are sincere in their much professed and publicised love for Gandhi Ji and India, leaders Pragya Singh Thakur and Anant Kumar Hegde must be forced to resign from all positions and expelled from the party forthwith, and the PM/BJP president should tender an unconditional apology on behalf of the party. Failing this, the President of India, who is the custodian of our Constitution, should take necessary action against the culprits,” Venugopal said in a statement.

Describing as mere ‘hog wash’ reports of the BJP demanding an apology from Hegde, the Congress leader said, “Seeking an apology is nothing but a sham to maintain the fig leaf that now barely covers the naked hatred and contempt that the BJP and RSS have towards the Mahatma as indeed generations of freedom fighters who gave their life to the cause of an independent Mother India.”

Venugopal said Hegde’s comments were merely a reflection of the hatred and animosity the BJP and RSS held towards Mahatma Gandhi and his ideology. He stated that it came as no surprise that those who were the ‘agents and informers’ of the British were now openly abusing the tallest leader of India’s struggle against the British.

“The flag bearers of RSS/BJP ideology even then had nothing but hatred and contempt for Gandhi ji, and it was this hatred that ultimately led to their adherents killing the Mahatma,” said Venugopal.




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