Confusion whether all Islamists of Shaheen Bagh agree to open the road


Confusion looms at Shaheen Bagh-Kalindi Kunj road in southeast Delhi, which the Shaheen Bagh women ‘protestors’ have illegally captured to carry out their anti-India and anti-Hindu propaganda in the name of anti-CAA protests since December 15 2019. Police seem to be confused whether or not these Islamic ‘protestors’ have agreed to open a tiny stretch of road, partially ending their illegal occupation.

Although it was reported that the road has been opened, now it emerges that there is a conflict between two groups in the protestors regarding opening the road. Even Delhi police are not sure whether all protesters agree to open the road.

Delhi police DCP South East was quoted by ANI as saying: “A little earlier today, Road No. 9 was reopened by a group of protestors, but later it was closed by another group. Again, a group of protestors have reopened a small stretch, however, still there’s no clarity if all protestors have consent on this”.

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This was in response to reports that celebrations are underway as protestors open Noida-Kalindi Kunj Road via Road No. 9 (Okhla road).

The stretch of Shaheen Bagh to Kalindi Kunj road which is about two to three kilometres has commercial centres housing shops and restaurants. The road ends at Atlanta Water Park. The Shaheen Bagh-Kalindi Kunj road is parallel to the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway which is used by a large number of commuters between Delhi and Noida.

Even as protesters claimed that all the roads that are close to Shaheen Bagh-Kalindi Kunj were open, their illegal occupation, for the past over two months, has been causing severe discomfort to commuters.

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These arrogant Muslim ‘protestors’ have surprisingly been treating the public space as their private property and refuse to budge even though SC-appointed interlocutors have been trying to negotiate with them for the last four days.

Now, according to reports, the ‘protestors’ of Shaheen Bagh, the epicentre of anti-India and anti-Hindu propaganda in the name of anti-CAA protests, have put up seven conditions to the Supreme Court-appointed interlocutors to decide on vacating the protest site, which they have illegally occupied since December 15, 2019.

The sheer arrogance of these anti-India protestors at Shaheen Bagh to put up conditions to vacate the public road comes three days after the failure of talks between the protestors and the SC-appointed interlocutors.

A two-Judge Bench of the Supreme Court comprising of Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and KM Joseph had directed senior advocates, Sadhana Ramachandran and Sanjay Hegde, to act as interlocutors and convince the Shaheen Bagh protestors to relocate to an alternative place. The order came at the backdrop of two petitions filed in the apex court, seeking clearance of Shaheen Bagh area and the Kalindi Kunj Road.

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