Communists, Congress leaders and Islamists trend #GoBackTrump


Donald Trump arrived in India today for his first official visit since he was elected the President of the United States of America. After he was received by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the airport, he visited the Sabarmati Ashram before proceeding to address the ‘Namaste Trump’ event at the Motera Stadium. While President Trump was busy with his schedule, liberals and Congress politicians were busy on Twitter trending ‘Go Back Trump’ (#GoBackTrump). Despite the high number of tweets under the trend, Donald Trump will go back only after completing his 36-hour official visit to India.

One politician at the forefront of the trend was Salman Nizami from the Congress party. After suggesting that Donald Trump should visit the railway station where Narendra Modi used to sell tea, he called both leaders liars in a tweet under that trend.

Hansraj Meena, a political activist, spread fake news regarding Donald Trump’s visit and claimed that the US President was on a “family trip to India using government resources”. He called it “shameful”. It is a blatant lie and an example of the kind of fake news that pervades social media. The tweet had almost 250 retweets as of writing this report.

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The Communist Party of India (Marxist), which has always been anti-America due to the latter’s anti-Communist stance, also joined the trend enthusiastically. It is quite shocking to see an Indian political party insulting a foreign leader who is on an official visit to India to strengthen ties between the two countries.

Comparing Donald Trump’s note in the Sabarmati Ashram’s visitor’s book where he called Prime Minister Modi a “great friend” with the note left by former US President Barack Obama, ‘ComradeMallu’ used the opportunity to say #GoBackTrump.

Aysha Renna, the Jamia student who had called India fascist for executing the Mumbai terrorist Yakub Memon, trended the hashtag with information that does not appear to be related to Donald Trump in any manner whatsoever.

Another political activist accused Twitter of a “complete breach of trust” and “censoring public opinion” because according to him, the Trump trend had fallen to 15th position from number 5 in a matter of 1 second. Amusingly enough, the attached screenshots don’t tell the story he wants them to.

There were others who combined Donald Trump’s visit with the NRC and said boycott and go back.

While communists, Congress politicians, activists and Islamists were busy trending ‘Go Back Trump’ on Twitter, Donald Trump addressed a massive crowd at the newly constructed Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad. Donald Trump heaped praise on India and took unsubtle jibes at China. He said that the USA was working with Pakistan to dismantle the terror networks within the latter’s borders. The US President also professed his commitment towards a strong relationship with India and said that the USA and India were united in fighting Radical Islamic Terrorism.

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