Clash of Kings Banned By Indian Government Apart from 58 Other Apps to Eliminate Indian Audience for Chinese Apps!

clash of kings banned in india

The Indo-Chinese conflict is escalating to crucial tensions along the Galwan valley as both sides are toughening their stand. In the midst of the Chinese conflict, the Indian Government has taken some bold and drastic measures to curb the influence of Chinese products in its supply chain. Apart from this, there was a raging question about why the Indian Government has still allowed the usage of Chinese apps for use among its citizens.

In a stunning move, the Indian Government took inroads into the influence of Chinese apps being used by Indian consumers, a whopping 59 apps were banned with immediate effect. Users are encouraged to uninstall these apps and they will not be available in the Google Play Store or iOS Store.

Clash of Kings Banned in India

Clash of Kings is war strategy game with more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. The Clash of Kings game is developed by Elex Wireless, a Chinese app development company. The players of Clash of Kings from India are taken aback and surprised by the sudden decision of the Indian Government. With the Ramadan event creating a huge buzz about the game’s new updates, the ban from the Indian government comes at a wrong time for the gamers but for a good cause.

How to Play Clash of Kings In India?

While the Government of India enlisted a stringent ban of Tik Tok, Clash of Kings, UC Browser and several other apps from Chinese origin, gamers are likely to use VPNs and emulators to play the game.
Wink Report strongly condemns using illegal routes to overcome the ban from the Indian Government for Clash of Kings.



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