Chico Bon Bon Season 4 Plot, Release Date and Everything We Know!


Chico Bon Bon is helmed by Bob Boyle, Michael Goldberg, Kurt Mueller, and Gabe Pulliam. The animated adaption is actually a take on an illustrated series by Chris Monroe. The wittiness of the characters mixed with a dash of fun and frolic along with a lesson to go along is sure a treat for the young audience as well as the parents who feel secure letting their children watch a show. The titular monkey has a knack for fixing any mechanical problem with his well crafted mind and ofcourse tools. The musical element attached to the show keeps the audience entertained and certainly hooked.

Chico Bon Bon Season 4 Release Date

Chico Bon Bon Seaosn 3 released on September 22nd 2020 which streamed on Netflix. Each episode runs for 10-14 minutes which are extremely informative and enlightening for the target audience. The show has been very well received by the audience and rumour has it that Netflix has ordered a total of 40 episodes for the series. Netflix has been releasing the episodes in sections. Chico Bon Bon Season 4 is scheduled to release in November 2020.

Chico Bon Bon Season 4 Cast

The voice cast who are voicing the three lead characters are:

  • Robbie Daymond as Chico Bon Bon
  • Dayci Brookshire as Rainbow Thunder, the cat
  • Anthony Tedesco as Clark, the elephant

Other voice artistes include:

  • Blu Bishop as Dr. Merv
  • Emma Sloan Jacobs
  • Roberta Lemons
  • Joanna Lewis
  • Ian Nikus
  • Cole Seaver
  • Matthew Mercer.

Chico Bon Bon Season 4 Plot

Chico Bon Bon, our monkey, is multifunctional, he is able to fix anything in his accord. Chico Bon Bon and his Fix-It Force are able to help the people of their town Blunderberg with any problem that theyface with the help of the right tools and ofcourse mechanical intelligence. The show’s target audience are toddlers and every episode teaches the young ones a tad bit about science. This makes Chico Bon Bon informative as well.

Chico Bon Bon Season 4 Trailer

As of now there has been no official trailer released for Chico Bon Bon Season 4 as Season 3 only recently premiered. We can expect a trailer to drop really soon. Watch the trailer of Chico Bon Bon Season 3 here until the trailer for Season 4 releases.


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