Chennai’s Iconic Vijaya Hospital Closed After 40 Staff Test Positive for Covid-19!


Coronavirus Covid-19 cases are spiking in India as it inches towards 6.75 Lakh cases. Tamilnadu reached 1 Lakh official cases with 55K+ cases recovered. Maharashtra continues to be the worst affected with a 7K active cases spike today. Mumbai, neighboring Thane, Chennai and its neighboring districts are facing the brunt as there is no relief expected until a vaccine comes into play.

Chennai’s healthcare system was under severe stress due to the rising number of cases. Reports of unavailability of beds in several private hospitals are making the rounds but the Government of Tamilnadu denied unavailability of beds in government hospitals. The lockdown is expected to ease the strain on the stressed healthcare scene in Chennai.

Several private hospitals like SIMS, Vadapalani and Vijaya Hospital, Vadapalani reported a spurt in the positive cases amongst their staff. The situation took a severe turn which made B Bharathi Reddy, the CEO of Vijaya Hospitals to take extreme measures to curb the outbreak among his staff. B Bharathi Reddy informed media platforms that effective sanitization and disinfection of the entire hospital premises is going to be taken forward.

B Bharathi Reddy revealed that Vijaya Hospital will be closed for any admissions including emergencies. However, casualty cases will be administered emergency treatment and transferred to other hospitals upon stabilization. Around 40 employees of the Hospital have tested positive for Covid-19. Existing patients will be moved to Vijaya Health Center (VHC) to facilitate disinfection of Vijaya Hospital.

While admissions are closed, outpatient consultation will continue on alternate days. Incidentally, Naggi Reddy, trustee in Vijaya Hospital group lost his grandson due to Covid-19.

Chennai’s total case count stands at 66,538 with 24,199 active cases, 41,309 recoveries and 1030 deaths. Tamilnadu breached the 1 lakh mark and the total tally stands at 1.07 lakh cases in total, 44,959 active cases and 60,592 recoveries apart from 1450 deaths.


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