Chennai Lockdown updates – Will there be another lockdown in Chennai due to increase in Coronavirus cases? J. Radhakrishnan IAS explains

j radhakrishnan ias coronavirus lockdown chennai

Chennai: IAS officer Radhakrishnan has said that the complete lockdown in Chennai is a rumour.

Coronavirus is at its peak in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. In addition, coronavirus is most prevalent in neighbouring districts of Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu and Tiruvallur. As a result, information spread on social networks that the four districts, including Chennai may be locked down and strict 144 protocol will be implemented.

J Radhakrishnan IAS explains regarding another lockdown in Chennai and other neighbouring districts as coronavirus effects are increasing in these districts. It is rumorued that a total lock is reported in 4 districts including Chennai. Radhakrishnan has said that the government has no plans to do so.


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