Centre suspends all domestic flights from March 24 midnight till March 31 midnight


New Delhi: No domestic flights will operate from Wednesday, the Centre announced Monday thereby taking a huge step to check the spread of coronavirus.

Airlines have to plan operations so as to land at their destination before 11.59pm Tuesday, the government said. Only cargo flights will be allowed after that. International flights had already been banned for a week and most of the country’s land borders have been sealed. It should be stated here that Sunday trains, metros and inter-state buses were banned to stop the movement of people between states.

The government’s announcement came as the number of coronavirus cases rose to 433 Monday. There have been eight deaths. Scientists and experts have warned of an explosion of COVID-19 cases in a country like India with the world’s second largest population, unless drastic measures are implemented.

It should be stated here that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had urged the central government earlier in the day to stop all domestic flights from coming to West Bengal. However now, the government has gone a step ahead and suspended all domestic flights.

Nineteen states in the country have gone on full lockdown, the Union Health Ministry said Tuesday.




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