Celebrity replies on Marriage proposals


It has been seen that celebrities are very kind to their fans and whenever they meet celebs took very care that they won’t hurt their fans’ sentiments. Well, we appreciate the sweet gestures of these celebrities but it also makes them very boring and fun-less that are exactly different from their screen appearances.

However, the internet worked well to integrate the dazzling entertainment industry with fans’ Kingdome. And there were many moments when fans interact with celebs directly. Usually, such interactions take place through twitter quizzes or Instagram comments.

Here, we picked up some best replies by celebs when fans asked him/her “Will you marry me?”

Check out the list to know the wittiest humor of your celebs.

1. Tisca Chopra

A fan asked Tisca Chopra on twitter in very precisely and directly, “Will u marry me?” The fan was operating twitter id @manoj_steel_ named Rahul. Tisca came up with a hilarious reply being a little sarcastic to the boy.

The actress responded by saying, “Was just waiting to be asked, thank you. Yes, I will. My husband also wants to see who I am leaving him for.” Rahul didn’t reply to this, but this exchange of tweets in one of the funniest replies from celebrities.

2. Raveena Tandon

A similar moment was also faced by 90s heartthrob Raveena Tandon when starstruck doctor, Dr. Anver Ali tweeted, “Would you marry me?”

Raveena never shies in such a situation and she came up with a good reply saying, “Sorry yaar, you are 13 years late in asking.” Well, we hope Doctor Anver Ali will find love somewhere else.

3. Kapil Sharma

If you propose a celebrity then there’s a chance that he will reply or might ignore you, but it is a hell riskier to propose a comedian like Kapil Sharma as you may be his next joke. The risk was taken by Kapilian Aanchu who proposed Kapil on twitter.

What Kapil Sharma replied to this is pretty amazing to read. Kapil Sharma’s exact words are “Chup chap so jao.. subah school bi Jana hain app”

4. Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput has a huge fan following among females because of his good looks and awesome camera presence. Little you know that the guy has humor as well to show you.

In a tweet exchange, a young fan proposed him by saying, “Will you marry me??? I have been in love with you for so many years”,

Sushant replied, “Why did you take so long to ask, I was waiting:)?” Sushant Singh Rajput might not be serious while writing the reply but it made the day of his fan.

5. Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee Pannu got a hilarious marriage proposal on her twitter account. A man proposed her saying, “I’m a non-alcoholic, vegetarian, virgin who is willing to take a lie-detector test to prove claims!”

Taapsee responded with a quirky reply saying “Bas ab life mein aur kya chahiye!” and followed it with #vegetarianlove and #bestproposalever.

6. Bhumi Pednekar

Recently, a fan replied sharing his feelings to Bhumi Pednekar by writing a short marriage proposal on her social media handle. The man wrote,

Bhumi Pednekar, Hi beautiful mam, I can’t stay a single day without looking at your pic. You are so pretty, I wish you were a normal girl. Now you are a big celebrity. Kitna v Pyar Kar lu Lekin Koi chance hi Nahi hain ki ap Koi non-celebrity se Shadi Karo. Dukh Hota hai.

The actress gave a sassy reply to her fan, “Celebrity or no
celebrity Shaadi ke chances Abhi Kam hi hai…but I won’t let you miss me..will
keep coming to the big screen as often as possible.”

7. Kajal Aggrawal

The south star Kajal Aggarwal interacted with her fans during the Q & A sessions on twitter. The excited fan asked her for marriage.

Kajal gave an honest reply to her fan by saying, “Put in some effort, can’t happen so easily!!”

8. R. Madhavan

Recently, R. Madhavan shared his photo from the editing room witch a caption, “Editing is so much fun and exhausting: Enjoying and fearing it… End of the long travel day. Getting older… #rocketrythefilm #actormaddy#Rocketryfilm”

A young fan of R. Madhavan sent a marriage proposal to R. Madhavan while commenting on his photo. She wrote, “Is it wrong that I’m 18 and wanna get married to you,”

THe decent actor R. Madhavan replied to her by writing, “@nina_.jai ha ha ha God bless you.. you will find someone way more worthier.”


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