CCNA and The Other Most Popular Cisco Certifications

CCNA Certification

If you are aiming to kick off as a skilled networking administrator, pursuing Cisco certification is the right way to go. A credential from such a renowned vendor will open the doors of many international companies once you add it to your resume. Why? The results of Cisco exams, as well as the badges they lead to, are recognized worldwide. Moreover, these tests are quite difficult and thus show your stamina and determination apart from an up-to-date skillset. Considering this, if you manage to earn a Cisco credential, you will prove to any recruiter that your competencies in networking have been thoroughly assessed and verified. 

Are you curious to know which are the most popular Cisco badges at this moment? Then you should keep reading this article.

CCT — the First Step in Your IT Career

CCT stands for Cisco Certified Technician. It is the starting point for every beginner who wants to develop their skills in networking and build a successful career in IT. This is an entry-level credential that helps you understand everything about setting a networking infrastructure. Acquiring it, you’ll see what this field is all about and whether it is an area you want to work in. And as modern organizations are permanently evolving, you will need this badge to stand out from non-certified competitors and raise your chances of being hired. 

Choose CCNA to Prove the Skills You’ve Gained

CCNA is another very popular Cisco credential that targets professionals that already have at least one year of practical experience in using and implementing Cisco solutions. It helps you validate your proficiency in network access as well as IP connectivity and services. You will also learn more about programmability, automation, and security fundamentals. So, if you have basic knowledge of IP addressing, you will find the certification exam much easier. Even though the effort might seem considerable, once you get a generous offer in an interview, you will see that it is worth the investments. 

CCNP Enterprise as a Ticket for Professional Recognition

CCNP Enterprise takes your knowledge to a professional level. The candidates who decide to register for this accreditation have prior experience and advanced expertise related to networking solutions. 

While CCT and CCNA require applicants to pass only one exam, there are two tests needed to be aced to receive CCNP Enterprise. One of them will assess your knowledge of enterprise technologies, and the theme of the second exam will depend on your choice. Once you overcome these challenges, your path to getting a higher position and salary is guaranteed! 

Remember about Thorough Preparation

Irrespective of the badge you are going to apply for, you should be conscious of the training’s importance. You won’t be able to get the passing score from the first attempt unless you are organized when it comes to utilizing dependable and comprehensive training materials. For example, you can try instructor-led training for more interactivity and then review with practice tests to evaluate your readiness level. 


Cisco has gained its reputation as a reliable certification vendor thanks to its detailed and difficult exams that help recruiters and employers to understand which candidates are skilled enough to perform the needed tasks. While adding a Cisco certification to your resume can differentiate you from other applicants, you will need intensive training to succeed. Choose your preparation materials carefully, check yourself through practice tests beforehand, and the desired credential will be yours! 


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