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Brooks Murder Mystery – Who Killed Alonzo and Details of His Family Revealed


Ever since its premiere 35 years ago, Unsolved Mysterious has always had a cutting edge. Shows have come and gone but Unsolved Mysteries stuck because of its narrative style. It sticks to the original concept and gives the audience edge of the seat, riveting entertainment.

This time around, Unsolved Mysteries brings to the forefront the murder of 23 year ago Alonzo Brooks on April 3rd 2004. Alonzo along with some friends headed to a house party outside La Cyge, Kansas and never returned home. His friends accidentally forgot him at the party. This episode will be streaming on Unsolved Mysteries reboot from July 1st.

Speculations Around The Murder of Alonzo Brooks

Alonzo Brooks was a responsible 23 year old who would make it a point not to worry his mother even when he ran late to come home. But post a party on April 3rd 2004 when Maria Ramirez could not get through her son, she knew something was wrong.

Alonzo was the baby of his family being the youngest of five. When his parents heard that their child was accidentally left behind by his friends and the party with no sign of him they were distraught and scared of what they would find.

Soon after his disappearance, Alonzo’s boots and hat were found by the roadside. Officials did a sweep of the area but did not find anything. It was not until a month of his disappearance when his family was given permission to search the surrounding area that they were able to retrieve his body. Alonzo’s body was in a bad state, decomposing, this left the coroner with very little to dabble with.

The investigation led to a dead end and there were no suspects. Rumor has it that Alonzo’s death was a result of a hate crime. Some people at the party heard racist slurs being directed at Alonzo. Alonzo was one of the three black people at the party and was targeted for the same. There had been a rift at the party because of a white woman Alonzo had been flirting with. Alonzo is a mixture of two races, Black and Mexican, which could have led to his fatal demise.

Alonzo Brooks Family Now and Who Are They?

Through Unsolved Mysteries we are introduced to the members of Alonzo Brooks’ family. His mother Maria Ramirez, whom Alonzo shared a close relationship with, currently resides in Garner with her husband, Stuart Porter.

Alonzo’s elder brother, Billy Brooks Jr. was very close to him. When Billy Jr. left town post becoming of legal age, Alonzo and his mother moved to Gardner. Billy Brooks Jr. lives in Olathe, Kansas now with his wife Cindy and their kids.

The rest of the family members like aunts and uncles are still back in Topeka, Kansas where Alonzo grew up.


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