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The Brave browser has proven to be of great interest to a lot of people. Despite the healthy growth, it would appear that few actually hold BAT rewards at this time. 

There are many advantages to using Brave as a browser.

BAT Growth Continues to Stagnate

It is a much faster experience compared to Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and others.

Secondly, it removes all ads and tracking scripts which makes users subject to data harvesting.

Combined with the option to be rewarded for clicking notifications or viewing sponsored backgrounds, there is an option to earn some money as well.

That money is paid out in BAT, or Basic Attention Token.

With over 10 million people using the Brave browser at this time, one would expect there to be a lot of BAT owners as well.

So far, that has proven to not be the case.

Glassnode statistics indicate how there are just over 618,000 BAT addresses.

This list includes exchange wallets and browser-based addresses, indicating how the growth isn’t accelerating as much.

What is even more worrisome is how roughly one-third of the total addresses hold Basic Attention Token.

Fueling further growth of this ecosystem will be crucial. 


  1. I’ve been using Brave for more than a year and I love it. I started using after growing frustrated with Google’s increasingly aggressive policies against ad-blockers and their APIs. I use Brave in combination with NoScript, uBlock Origin, Cloudflare DNS and PiHole to block any kind of ad and tracker on my network. Since I made this setup, browsing the internet is way faster and content consumption is way more distraction-free.

    Many users of Brave (maybe most of them) are just people like me: they want a browser that looks and behaves like Chrome and it’s compatible with all of their extensions, but doesn’t force users to swallow ads and tracking scripts. BATs for us are a nice to have and a cool idea, but we don’t buy it because we just don’t want ads in the first place.

    Now it’s time for Google and the other ads companies to come up with a better business model. 22 years after its foundation, I can’t believe that the business model of Google and Co. is still a prehistoric “I’ll put an ad in front of your eyes, you click on it, I make money just from you clicking on it”. If they can’t evolve then they deserve to go out of business.


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