Branded Jokes: Twitter User creatively Presented Memes about Brands


Hey Readers, Welcome Back To Desi Humor. Memes and Brands are two very trending things on the net. And recently a twitter user combined them for fun. The results did come out to be ridiculous. Its funny how a big market leader can be made a joke in a second. These memes with brand taglines are hilarious.

We have made fun easier for you by getting them all here. Swipe down to have a look at these memes and get a very big smile on your face.

  1. This meme on all out with Hindustani bhau is a great creative combination indeed!

2. Amit Shah’s dialogue about chronology was already a great meme material but combining it with Oreo brought a hilarious outcome.

3. The tagline for mentos and this scene from “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi” with a sprinkle of creativity is sure LOL.

4. This shows a creative use of the word ‘Chaat’ in other senses. Funny it is. It can give Everest a very funny ad theme.

5. This meme will make you go ROFL! Remember the scene from Hera Pheri’s chor bazaar. Seth’s photo on the tea packet is funny.

6. Yet again, it’s a funny Hera Pheri with Center fresh. Imagine this for real.

7. Recall the Ghadi anthem. ‘Pehle Istemal kre Fir Vishwas Kre’ now swipe down and laugh out loud.

8. This is a slap of sarcasm on the tagline of Jeevansathi from the side of a single boy. The meme shows getting a partner isn’t as easy as the Jeevansathi advertisement.


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