Boxing news: Anthony Joshua doubt, Tyson Fury conspiracy theory addressed, Whyte talks


Boxing news – Promoter pours cold water on Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury’s prompter Bob Arum has urged boxing fans to pump the breaks on a heavyweight title unification fight with Anthony Joshua, insisting Kubrat Pulev and Deontay Wilder could well and truly scupper plans for the mega-money bout.

In an interview with IFL TV, Arum said: “I have no doubt that Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn would look forward to making a fight against Tyson Fury.

“Now again, there are other fighters involved. You have Pulev. Will that fight happen or not happen, that has to be worked out.

“You also have Deontay Wilder, who up until February 22nd, who was considered the most dynamic heavyweight champion of our time, if not all time.

“Remember everyone was saying, ‘Nobody can punch as hard as Deontay Wilder.’ Maybe that’s true. Wilder has a lot to say about it.

“He has a contract for a rematch [with Fury]. So before we jump in and start talking about a Fury-Joshua fight, we have to examine where the other two fighters stand in this mix.”

Boxing news – Tyson Fury cornerman addresses Deontay Wilder fight conspiracy theory

There’s no time to manipulate a glove

Jorge Capetillo on the Tyson Fury glove conspiracy theory

Fury’s cornerman Jorge Capetillo has dismissed suggestions of ‘The Gypsy King’ tampering with his gloves in his fights with Wilder, insisting there was no feasible way for them to have been altered before he locked horns with ‘The Bronze Bomber’.

“This is a joke,” Capetillo told World Boxing News. “People are discrediting this man who has been working and sacrificing to get to this level.

“There’s a commission who check the gloves after the fight. And when we are in the locker rooms, the commission are in charge to bring those gloves to the locker room and they have them themselves until the fighters glove on. There’s no time to manipulate a glove.”

He added: “All these people that are talking about this and about that and about the gloves, man, like Roger Mayweather used to say: ‘You don’t know s**t about boxing.’

“Why? Because there’s no time; you can’t manipulate a glove when the commission is on your side all the time.

“All the time, commissioners are on your side preventing manipulation of any glove, gauze or wrap that you can do.”

Boxing news – Dillian Whyte eyes Anthony Joshua rematch

Mandatory WBC heavyweight title challenger Dillian Whyte has appeared to reveal he wants Joshua to win his proposed unification fight with Fury.

“I would love that,” Whyte said of a rematch with Joshua during an interview with Sky Sports. “I would love to fight Joshua again, at a drop of a hat.

“It’s one of the biggest fights out there. I’m in the game to have the biggest fights and the most meaningful fights. I’m trying to make history.

“Imagine, to get one shot at all the marbles at once, how unreal that would be after all this nonsense.

“And then out of nowhere, me and Joshua fight, I knock him out and became undisputed champion of the world.”

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