Bollywood Classic Movies: That Were Too Good To Be Flop


Hey Readers, welcome back to Desi Humor. Bollywood has given us many fabulous movies without fail. The industry has been working for better since forever. Yet, all their hard work depends on the viewers’ perception. Sometimes, viewers appreciate not so deserving films but sometimes even the good ones are left unnoticed. 

It is sad, that the hard work and a good movie go in vein with slight negligence. Those movies deserved to be known for the actors, for the film, and for its most amazing script. But, they managed enough appreciation in the long run. 

Here we have listed a few Bollywood classic movies that were really good but couldn’t gross up well. 

10. Karz (1980) 

This movie by Subhash Ghai revolves around Ravi Kapoor. The wealthy man is murdered by his greedy wife. He gets back as Monty in his next life. Suddenly, he recalls all that had happened to him and go for revenge. The total box office collection of the movie was Rs5.5crores.

9. Khamoshi ~ The musical (1996) 

The movie us about a woman Anni (Manisha Koirala) who is devoted to the art of music. She falls for Raj (Salman Khan) who is a musician. This doesn’t go well with his father and rest is all about his oppose. The movie was directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and collected Rs6.90crores.

8. Swades ~ (2004) 

The movie is starring Shahrukh Khan in the lead. He is a scientist at NASA. He walks out to search for Nanny in India, who raised him initially. On the way, he comes across his love for his nation. The movie was made by Aashutosh Gowarikar and its collection was of Rs. 16.5 crores. 

7. Umraao Jaan ~ (1981) 

The movie has Rekha in the lead role. The story says, her being sold out of revenge. The man is an enemy of her father and sells her to a Brothel. She grows up to be a very talented poetess and courtesan. But her love life never stays in her favor. The movie was from the side of Muzzafar Ali and brought home Rs. 6.6crores.

6. Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye ~ (2008) 

This masterpiece by Dibakar Banerjee is a very interesting burglary tale. It revolves around Lucky, a thief. He fiercely robs the rich and this is fun for him. He is caught later and faces interesting proceedings. The movie collected an amount of Rs. 6.72crores.

5. Lamhe ~ (1991) 

This beautiful story was given by Yash Chopra. The film tells about a man named Virendra which was played by Anil Kapoor. He falls in love with a woman but couldn’t confess to her. Later, tables turn and situations get to a point where the daughter of the woman he loved gets to be in a relationship with him. Things get complicated then too. The movie collected almost 20crores.

4. Agneepath ~ (1990) 

Who would believe the Amitabh Bachchan starer Agneepath didn’t do well for that time. The movie is appreciated a lot later. The action drama was directed by Mukul Anand and brought a collection of Rs. 10.25crores.

3. Silsila ~ (1981) 

Yet another very well portrayed Bollywood classic. The movie grossed-up Rs. 7 crores and was directed by Yash Chopra. The story changes when Shekhar, the elder brother dies and Amit, the younger one marries his pregnant girlfriend. To save the pride of his brother’s love he makes a sacrifice. Yet later, he comes across his own girlfriend and their chemistry is very well shot. 

2. Sholay ~ (1975) 

The movie that is still alive. Recently, director Ramesh Sippy received his Filmfare Award for the movie. This very interesting masterpiece didn’t perform well initially but gained all the attention in the long run. The Box Office collection of the movie was Rs. 15 Crores. 

1. Mera Naam Joker ~ (1970)

The very beautiful movie in the history of ever. Mera Naam Joker didn’t gross well in its initial time. This masterpiece by Raj Kapoor grossed 1 crore. The movie takes a roller coaster ride in the fair of feelings. It’s about a man who lost 3 different women at 3 different stages. The movie throws light on what changes this brings in in the life of the man. 


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