Bollywood celebs from School/College days


Did you ever wonder how your favorite Bollywood stars look like during their school days? One of the things that people find most interesting is who these celebrities were before they became celebrities.

Well, school or college days are indeed the best days of life that one could never forget. But like all of us, the Bollywood celebs have also gone through those exam fears or the last-minute studies before exams.

These celebs were mischievous and naughty during their school days like every other student. While some of these were excellent in academics, some were champions in extracurricular activities and sports.

Though they seem glamorous and extremely beautiful now, but there was a time when they were just normal school kids.

We could certainly imagine the changes we undergo through after passing our school or college. But, many Bollywood celebs had drastically changed from what they used to look like in their school days.

So today, we have got some rare and interesting pictures of Bollywood celebs when they were students. Let’s have a look:

1- Ranbir Kapoor

The picture is from his scribble day in school. Ranbir Kapoor is surely a man of dreams who could make girls all across the world drool over him!!!

His acting skills, charm and chocolate boy look is something which helped him to gain immense popularity within a short period.

But look at how the actor used to look in his school days! Damn, he looked quite handsome right from the beginning. What do you think?

2- Deepika Padukone

A throwback picture of Deepika Padukone from her school days. Look how she has evolved herself in all these years from being a fresher to one of the most glamorous actresses in the industry.

But certainly, her smile in the picture is still looking worth millions!! Adorable right?

3- Ranveer Singh

Bollywood’s outstanding actor Ranveer Singh has been like this since childhood. Ranveer Singh apart from his acting skills has always been famous for taking fashion risks.

He has always been praised as well as trolled for his fashion outfits and never sets back to experiment with his looks. It is quite evident now that he was like this right from the beginning. Look at those long hair and thread in his neck. Cool, right?

Ranveer Singh is currently a successful actor who is considered a guarantee of a hit and has made millions of people crazy with the art of his acting and looks quite different in this college picture.

4- Kartik Aaryan

Kartik Aaryan is one of the self-made actors in Bollywood. Despite of not having any family connection in the B-town, the talented actor has made his place in the industry.

The actor was born and raised in Gwalior and is 29 years old. He is one of the most talked-about celebrities not only just because of his acting skills but for his handsome looks as well.

With his million-dollar smile, he has made the girls drool over him!!! The chocolaty boy looked quite handsome in his college days as well. Right?

5- Sushant Singh

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who hails from Bihar, has done engineering from a college in Delhi. The pictures are from his school days and after completing his studies, Sushant started his career on TV.

After which he took the stance of Bollywood and Sushant’s films performed very well at the box office.

Sushant was an AIEEE topper and got the best college. He left his studies midway to pursue acting. Wow! That is quite gutsy. In fact, Sushant Singh Rajput cleared 11 national engineering exams, including the Indian School of Mines at Dhanbad.

6- Genelia D’Souza

Genelia D’Souza completed her schooling at the Apostolic Carmel High School which is located in Bandra.

Then she took admission in St. Andrew’s College in Bandra. She did her graduation in Bachelor of Management Studies.

7- Amitabh Bachchan

Could you guess which one is Amitabh in the pic? Certainly yes, because he looks damn graceful since the beginning!

Big B attended Sherwood College, Nainital and in this school group picture, he sure looks like a very sincere student.

8- Mira Rajput

Right when the duo got married in 2015 when she was 21, there were many hearts broken that they are still healing! The duo has a 13-year age difference and Mira is in no way related to Bollywood except for her husband!

Even though the marriage was arranged, they fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. But, look at the adorable Mira with two pigtails damn cute, right?

9- Aishwarya Rai

Looks like the actress is in a habit of being rewarded right from the start then whether it is school or acting, she excels in all!!

Before getting into acting Aiswarya considered a career as a doctor. She was a brilliant student and secured 90 percent in her HSC exams in Mumbai.

10- Anushka Sharma

Look at the adorable girl celebrating her birthday! All those friends and a mandatory cake eating picture! Lol.

Well, to our utter surprise, she attended Army School in Banglore and has received a degree in arts from Mount Carmel College. Interesting!

11- Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra’s parents moved and relocated a lot due to their work. The actress attended many schools such as the La Martiniere Girls’ School located in Lucknow and St. Maria Goretti College located in Bareilly.

Who would have thought that our desi girl would have become an international sensation!

12- Parineeti Chopra

Last but not least, Parineeti Chopra. Who would have thought that a student to be an investment banker aspirant, would land up into this glam industry?

Well, she was always a brilliant student and aimed to be an investment banker. She holds a triple degree in business, finance, and economics from Machester Business School, UK!

13- Salman Khan

14- Sidharth Malhotra

15- Katrina Kaif

16- Shahrukh Khan

17- Shilpa Shetty

18- Sonakshi Sinha

Whom do you think shocked you the most? Do comment your views in the comment section below.


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