Bollywood Celebrities Who Hold Their Ancestral Home In Pakistan


Hello, Readers! Welcome Back to Desi Humor. Bollywood celebrities earn well and invest quite well too. Where some of them have built up their own properties, some are blessed to have got ancestral properties.

India has got good relations with various countries but the relations with Pakistan are bitter and sweet. The interesting fact here is – there are a lot of Bollywood celebrities who have their ancestral estates in the neighboring nation which was part of India before Independence.

We have listed them below, scroll down to go through our list and comment down if you have some new names to it!

  1. Shah Rukh Khan – Peshawar.

The place is located in Peshawar. The building is very old by now. Shah Rukh’s Father lived there and he often visited the place as a teenager. The place is very close to the Khan family. Many of his family members and his paternal cousins still live there. Shah Rukh’s cousin Noor Jahan also contested elections there.

2. Sanjay Dutt – Jhelum

Sunil Dutt was born in Jhelum and Nargis Dutt belongs to Rawalpindi. Though the property no more belongs to Sanju Baba, yet he once visited the place. The family that resides there made special arrangements for him. The happy coincidence is the family that bought the place moved from Ambala to Pakistan and Dutt’s family moved from Pakistan to Ambala. His house is located at Jhelum. The house is quite old but is well maintained by the owners.

3. Kapoor Family – Peshawar

The Kapoor family also has an estate in Pakistan. The building was taken up by IMGC Global Entertainment for renovation and is now converted into a museum. It was a huge masterpiece of art with a total of 40 rooms. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government took over the finances for the renovation. It is located in Peshawar, neighboring Shah Rukh’s building and Dilip Kumar’s property.

4. Dilip Kumar – Peshawar

When Shah Rukh Khan never stopped praising about Dilip Kumar and calling him his Ideal, it is interesting to know both of them to have properties in the same area initially. Dilip Kumar also has his ancestral estate in Peshawar. He has lived there for quite a while and the place holds cherishable memories of his childhood. The house is now demolished and is a public dustbin for the residents. We wish the place was taken care of earlier.

5. Dev Anand – Lahore

Dev Anand was born in Punjab. But his family also stayed in Lahore. Dev Anand spent his teenage years in Lahore and also did his graduate schooling there. Lahore has always been close to his heart and he was often caught being nostalgic to the place. His old building still stands there but he visited there in 1999 for the last time.

6. Rajesh Khanna – Burewala

All the news headlines were flashed with Pakistan having an event as a condolence to Rajesh Khanna’s death. The real reason is his home in the nation. His birthplace was never revealed but it is known that he stayed there for almost five years. This house is situated in Burewala near Faisalabad.


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