Bollywood Believes Numerology: Celebs Who Changed Their Names For Better Luck.


Hey readers, welcome back to Desi Humor. Numerology has been a very popular ancient belief in India. Though with the effect of Westernization and the application of science, it is considerably losing its value among the Indian crowd. Where some people still do believe in it, some just mention it as a nuisance and a waste of time. 

As they say, ‘Miracles happen to those who believe in it’ same goes for numerology. For some people, art has been really fruitful. Even in our very own Bollywood industry, there are actors who heartily believe in it. 

Here we have listed a few names from the industry who changed their names with concerned numerology reasons. Scroll down and see if it was beneficial to them. 

1. Rani Mukherjee ~ Rani Mukerji

The very popular actress followed numerology and made certain changes in her last name. She removed the ‘h’ and replaced the ‘ee’ with ‘i’. This brought her some good hopes and also better changes to her career. 

2. Rithik Roshan ~ Hrithik Roshan

It’s interesting to know, the ‘H’ in the name of our Greek God comes from numerology. Hrithik considers this extra ‘H’ to be very lucky for him. He also named his kids Hridhaan and Hrehaan. He wishes this extra ‘H’ brings good luck in their future as well. 

3. Rajkumar Yadav ~ Rajkummar Rao

The very famous new commoner has raised the bars with his acting skills. He initially signed as Rajkumar Yadav. Later, when concerned with numerology, he changed it to ‘Rajkummar Rao’. Every one of us know how lucky it proved to be for him. 

4. Karishma Kapoor ~ Karisma Kapoor

This change wasn’t suited though. With respect to her beliefs in numerology, Karisma decided to remove the ‘H’ from her name. This didn’t help much but left her with an uncanny first name. 

5. Kareena Kapoor ~ Kareina Kapoor

Unlike sister Karisma, Kareena didn’t keep the change for longer. She initially wrote her name as Kareena but a few years ago, she decided to replace an ‘e’ with ‘i’. This didn’t go well with her father and Bebo got back to her previous spelling. 

6. Javed Jaffrey ~ Javed Jaafery

The very loved star for the 90’s children. He hosted Takashi’s Castle for long. He decided to edit his surname with due respect to numerology. He reduced ‘f’ and added ‘a’.

7. Vivek Oberoi ~ Viveik Oberoi

Vivek was as confused with his name as with his career. He edited his name with an extra  ‘i’ but no sooner got back to his initial one. Numerology brought him success in the real estate business. 

8. Ayushman Khurrana ~ Ayushmann Khurrana

The Roadies winner is multi-talented. He is a very good writer, a soulful singer and an outstanding actor. Just to add a pinch of luck to his talent, he went for numerology. He added an extra ‘n’ to end his first name. The change surely proved to be fruitful for him in the long run. 

9. Ajay Devgan ~ Ajay Devgn

How many of you noticed this change in his name? Ajay recently decided to remove the ‘so from his surname due to its numerological advantages. This did happen for good for sure. 

10. Sonam A Kapoor ~ Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

Sonam used to write ‘A’ as her middle name. This is extracted from her father’s initials. Sonam didn’t get a good start in the industry and so went for numerology. Her new name surely brought her new chances for growth and new opportunities. 


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